My Top 10: Political Podcasts

Happy Monday Everyone! Welcome to the first blog in a series of blog's I'll be creating called 'My Top Ten'! This week's Top 10 is about my favourite political podcasts (yes, this genre needed it's own list lol). First things first, I'm a massive politics geek. Podcasting┬áhas become one of my favourite ways to stay … Continue reading My Top 10: Political Podcasts


Do introverts have less fun?

You've probably heard that blondes have more fun. I'm here to prove you wrong. I write this as I'm rounding off a hectic weekend. It's 23:25 but there is just so much I need to say. This weekend filled me with the nostalgia of being an undergrad. Watching people trying to fit in whilst trying … Continue reading Do introverts have less fun?